• Keith Nolan

Post Covid19, what's the new normal?

Many of our clients are now thinking of the long term protection of their staff and clients due to the Corona virus crisis. We have been worked closely with our clients to try to help them navigate the Covid19 pandemic and what they will need to do when restrictions are eased and there is a return to some sort of normality. We have been advising that high risk environments such as doctors surgeries and hospitals install permanent glass screens as standard where they will engage with the public. This saves an investment in platic temporary screens that will eventually need to be replaced in the mdium term. Thes permanent screens do not need to take from the overall customer experience. Recently we built a brand new curved top counter for Centric Health and embedded the glass panels to ensure a clean seamless effect. Also, check out our beautiful desk dividers. 

Let us know what you think - Seamless glass screens


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